"More than a experience!"

About Us

"Don and Marky put on the best murder mystery cruise in the business. Ask anyone 

who's been on one. Even the victim." -- John Lutz

Beginning in 1984 with a MagicCruise to Alaska, Don and Marky Fenwick        have been producing "common
interest", or themed
cruises for over 30
years.  Utilizing their skills as entertainers and organizers, the Fenwicks produce four or five various
cruise/conventions each year, including a StampCruise (with the American Philatelic Society), MiniCruise (for miniaturists), and Murder Mystery

Neither Don nor Marky started out to become cruise organizers.  Both were actors, meeting in a Broadway show, Lost in the Stars, in 1972.  "Both of us were actors for most of our adult lives, and managed somehow to make a living at it."  They left New York in 1973 and still reside on the West Coast.  Both have worked in film and television with recurring and guest roles in various television series.

Between acting jobs, mostly on television, Don had an entertainment production company specializing in magic, featuring magicians from the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  One day, a magician asked if he'd ever considered trying to do a magic convention at sea.  He liked the idea, and the first MagicCruise was launched in 1984.  It was very successful, and another was planned for 1985.  It didn't take a genius to figure out that if one "common interest" group was successful, others might be as well.  Since then, for over 30 years, the Fenwicks have been providing many types of at-sea adventures.  The two longest runnning cruises are the MiniCruise and the Murder Mystery Cruise. Their 31st annual Murder Mystery Cruise will sail March 28, 2017 aboard Princess Cruises' Star Princess.  Don and Marky are still 'having people killed at sea', and helping enthusiastic participants discover the murderer.  Not far behind in the year will be their 31st sailing of MiniCruise, sailing June 3rd, 2017 aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's  Norwegian Jewel.   In the past, they have also done Days of Our Lives and other Soap Opera cruises ,Needlework Cruises., and many others.

Despite their frequent travels, Don and Marky still have places in the world yet to see.  They've never been to Australia and New Zealand, and would like to do this sometime in their lives.  There are also places they both love to visit again and again.  They both love the Mediterranean, and especially Venice, Rome, and the Italian ports.  Another favorite would be Brugge, Belgium, an absolutely "magical" city.

Don writes all their Murder Mysteries, and Marky utilizes her many talents in creating  the clues used by the detectives of the Mystery Cruises.

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